27 July 2008

Pimenton de la Vera

mama introduced me to this burst of red smokiness, both sweet and spicy-hot versions. she's in love with it, too. brought it back from spain a few years ago when she and baba were traveling through. it's precious like saffron, in my heart, at least. rich, deep, dark red. delcious seasoning for eggs. sometimes, i add a few sprinkles to sizzling and sauteeing onions, garlic, soy sauce and green beans, mmmmm.

pimenton de la vera might marry nicely with saffron itself in a rich creamy saffron sauce or soup. or rubbed into a nice thick ribeye with some coarse kosher salt and freshly ground pink or green peppercorn, grilled. asparagus as accompaniment, mmm.

spicy hot or mild, the smoke in its essence is so precious.

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My Name is Iosifina said...

Yummmmm...I love this smoky red paprika! Very good sprinkled on chicken, fish, steak, in potato salad, and even on the tip of your fingers!