08 October 2008

Dreaming of Oysters...Mussels, Clams

my baba and i share a love for fresh oysters. i'm thinking about clams, mussels, scallops. smoked oysters, too.
i've been surfing around for inspirations for flavor combinations and came upon a few with oysters and other shell critters this evening.

in november last year, i was visiting a dear friend. we ate at carrabba's, feeling like a meze night, so we ordered a variety of 'appetizers.' among them steamed mussels in a special, garlicky pernod basil sauce. it was a defining moment of culinary divinity, and i never trusted that such an experience might happen at a chain restaurant. a generous reminder that awe-inspiring food living is found everywhere, anywhere, any time! mussels, plump with their soft seafulness. swimming in a sauce that only commanded us to sponge her up with hot crusty bread that evening!
...i'm adding on...tuesday night, a farewell dinner with aunt sue before she heads back down to florida. she, mama and i had lusted after a creamy green-with-parsley clam linguine all the way home on our drive back from baltimore to visit grandma and family. so that's exactly what we did last night! mama and i first made and froze two dozen fat crabcakes (recipe off old bay seasoning tin and some flourish) and then made a creamy white sauce for the clam and chopped fragrant fresh parsley. linguine al dente. serve her up with extra fresh parsley and grated parmesan. belly pleaser, grazie!

clams, mussels, oysters, maryland blue crabs. thank you, salty mama natura!